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The devastating 7.8 and 7.5 magnitude earthquakes in Turkey on 6th February and their continuing aftershocks have left those who survived in urgent need of help.
While the aftermath of this tragic event is still being assessed, the thousands of collapsed buildings, severe damage to infrastructure, and extreme winter weather conditions are making the situation even more critical for the families living in the 11 different cities affected by this unprecedented disaster.
As a brand with incredibly close ties to the country - founder/designer Alev and her family are from Turkey, and SJW Bags are made by artisans based in Istanbul who come from all over the country, many of whom have families in the affected Anatolian region - we want to do everything we can to help. 
That’s why the full price of every item you purchase during March will be donated to Turkey Mozaik Foundation, a registered charity based in London founded by members of the Turkish ex-pat community. They are distributing all funds raised (over £2.3million so far) to vetted charities working on the ground in Turkey, so every penny raised gets to where it is needed the most - funding urgent care, shelter, and food efforts in the immediate aftermath and providing essential support and resources for the years of rebuilding and rehabilitation that will follow. 
You can find out more about the Mozaik Foundation or make a direct donation here>>
Alev will also be donating the full amount of any SJW Bags sales made at an exclusive pop-up event being held in collaboration with Seeb London at the Beaverbrook Town House in Chelsea March 12-13th. 10% of any purchases made with the other participating brands will also go towards the Mozaik Foundation relief effort.  We'd like to invite all of our London-based customers to join us there to support a meaningful cause, with any new handbag purchases made acting as a beautiful reminder of how your generosity will help scores of people in need.

How your handbag can help

For instance, our £58 Laurent Card Holder will raise enough money for 20 meals or 200 loaves of bread 

And our £230 Victoria Ikat mini pouch bag is equivalent to 25 blankets or 1 tent - supplies that are in urgent demand in these cold winter conditions.
Throughout March, every penny SJW Bags customers pay will be donated to earthquake relief fundraising. We hope any small donations we can make now will make a big difference. We are also working on long-term support plans for the months to come and will share them with you soon - if you'd like to receive updates on this and all other SJW Bags newsletters and exclusive discounts you can sign up to our newsletter here.
Cover illustration: Peter Kreiner,
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